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The Great Famine (Complete Series)

The Great Famine (Complete Series)

This lecture series explores the Irish Potato Famine in depth. Topics include: Ireland before the famine, the Penal Laws and oppression of Irish Catholics, the relationship between poverty...

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The Great Famine - Part 1 of 2 (BBC 1995)


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The Irish Potato Famine Explained: World History Review

A short history of the Irish Potato Famine which hit Ireland from 1844-1849. Perfect for students, life long learners and the cray cray on the internets. Subscribe to HipHughes to keep the...

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The Great Potato Famine 1845-1851


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The Great Famine and the coffin ships

5th/6th class - history - the famine eras of change.

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The Great Famine - Part 2 of 2 (BBC 1995)


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Drought and Famine: Crash Course World History #208

In which John Green teaches you a little bit about drought, which is a natural weather phenomenon, and famine, which is almost always the result of human activity. Throughout human history,...

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5. The Great Famine

The Great Irish Famine 1945-49 along with causes and consequences.

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The Great Famine of Europe

FSU's Food and Society's Project on World Hunger.

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This lecture discusses the terrible hardships Irish tenants faced in the years leading up to the Great Potato Famine (1845-1850), and how the oppressive system of land ownership helped create...

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Irish Famine film

A short film produced by Pathe News around 1905 that brought attention to famine in Ireland in that year. The film has been altered and is used to draw similarities to the early famine of 1846-50.

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This video discusses the oppression of Irish peasants in the centuries before the Great Famine; the Irish reaction to the Act of Union (1801), the Penal Laws, and British persecution of Catholics;...

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The Great Starvation - Re-defining The Irish Famine

Over 30 years Afri has been joined by thousands of people to walk the famine road through the Doolough Valley in County Mayo. It is a walk like no other, abounding in memory, music, history,...

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American Experience The Great Famine

American Experience.

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The Great Famine

A video for 2nd year students on the Famine.

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The Great Irish Famine: History of Modern Ireland - Facts, Genocide, 1847 (1997)

In Ireland, the Great Famine (Irish: an Gorta Mór) was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration between 1845 and 1852. About the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1570980349/ref=a...

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An Gorta Mór - The Great Famine - TG4

A documentary from TG4, Ireland's Irish language television service, in which a singer revisits the famine of the 1840s and accepts a challenge to compose and to perform a new song in response...

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Mao's Great Famine


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The Great Famine - Episode 2 (GREAT HISTORY Documentary)

The Great Famine - Episode 2 (GREAT HISTORY Documentary) A million people are said to have died of hunger in Ireland in the late 1840s, on the doorstep of the world's richest nation. Ideology...

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Frank Dikotter - Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe

Frank Dikotter discusses his book, \

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Irish Famine Documentary 'When Ireland Starved' Pt. 1/3

Irish Famine Documentary 'When Ireland Starved' Pt. 1/3.

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The Great Famine Podcast Series

You can support this podcast series at https://www.patreon.com/Irishpodcast History haunts the present casting a long shadow over life but there are few events like The Great Irish Famine...

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The Great Irish Potato Famine coffin ship and introduction

http://www.irishpotatofamine.net.The Coffin Ships is an introduction to the Great Irish Potato Famine as well as a look at the some images of a modern version of a coffin ship. Quite a good...

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Skibbereen - Victoria S2 Ep6 [1080p]

The final few scenes from the \

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The Irish Potato Famine


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http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/famine/ (Premieres April 11, 2011) When a devastating famine descended on Soviet Russia in 1921, it was the worst natural disaster in Europe...

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Hubie Synn Warns a Great Famine is Coming to America

The Wandering Prophet Hubie Synn joins the Revelation in the News panel to share a startling word that America is about to be shaken like never before... FOR MORE REVELATION IN THE NEWS: http://ji...

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Choctaw Indians helped Irish in Great Famine

Father Jim O'Donnell spoke in front of the Celtic Cross in Cleveland's Flats that commemorates those who died in the Irish Potato Famine. In his sermon at the 15th Annual Irish Famine...

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This lecture discusses the catastrophic fever epidemic that followed the Irish potato famine; the causes, symptoms, and biology of specific diseases such as typhus, relapsing fever, scurvy,...

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The Great Hunger in Dublin (The Great Famine XII)

Dublin is often forgotten in the story of the Great Famine. While death rates in the capital were not as severe as the west of Ireland, the city suffered nevertheless. The show follows the...

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Arrival of the potato blight in Ireland- Irish Famine

Short Irish History clip from DVD Days of Hunger. This video tried to explain how the potato blight got to Ireland.

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Ireland - A Television History - Part 4 of 13 - 'Famine'

Part 4/13 in the History of Ireland by Robert Kee.

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Irish History - The Great Irish Famine - Who's To Blame? [58 minute radio documentary]

This 58 minute radio documentary is named The Great Irish Famine - Who's To Blame? Theme of documentary- The Great Irish Famine was Ireland's greatest disaster. Potato blight repeatedly...

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The great famine of 1315

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